Part 2 of a trilogy for those committed to healing

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In the first of three articles, I outlined eight steps to solving health concerns with nutrition and described the first two steps in some detail. This second article provides specifics regarding steps 3 through 5, inclusive, which relate to the research, testing and matters to be addressed prior to adding any nutritional supplements into your diet.

3. Research

Once you have resolved all nutritional deficiencies and imbalances identified by the food tracker, if the condition persists the next step is research to determine which nutrients might help to improve your condition.

If you have access to scientific research sites and…

A Trilogy for Those Committed to Healing

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Most blogs and websites dedicated to helping people understand how nutritional supplements can improve their health seems intent on convincing readers they should be taking dozens of supplements. This is particularly true where the concern you are trying to address is a common complaint associated with many health issues (e.g., fatigue). Most people can and should consult their physician first. However, where the physician is unable to provide assistance, either a second opinion or self-help is the natural next step.

An analytical process in important in addressing nutritional issues because many nutrients in the body need to be in balance…

But an old white male cop and thief matters more

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On February 16, 2021, a bill was introduced in the Canadian House of Commons to take a public-health centred approach to addiction. The of the Bill is to “reduce systemic discrimination and disproportionate representation of Indigenous peoples, as well as Black Canadians and members of marginalized communities as offenders and victims in the criminal justice system.”

The bill would achieve this goal by:

  • Reducing sentences by repealing some of the mandatory minimum penalties of imprisonment;
  • Requiring police and prosecutors to consider other measures for simple possession [emphasis added] of drugs such as diversion to addiction treatment programs, rather than…

To using vitamin D in guarding against Covid-19 and to numerous other health concerns

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You have undoubtedly heard or read that taking vitamin D will help strengthen your immune system to guard against Covid-19. While the headlines are true, they are not the whole story. The whole story is more complicated but it is critical to your overall health to appreciate that the need to take magnesium supplements should be part of this advice.

Up to 75 percent of Americans are eating a magnesium deficient diet. …

Why Meditation Alone is Inadequate

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I am one of those people who is far more in tune with what I am thinking than what I am feeling. Despite being physically active throughout my life, I went from being more-flexible-than-most as a youth to being more flexible than “many people my age.” This happened largely because for years, I simply did not notice I was losing flexibility. I stopped doing many of the activities I engaged in when I was younger, so I did not call upon my body to move the way it had in the past. With one particular joint, joint damage combined with…

Vitamin E Supplements and Topical Products

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Whether as a capsule, cream or serum, vitamin E sells. “T” Nearly 50% of the demand is for oral supplements for humans. Fortified foods and beverages comprise 26.9% of the market, while cosmetics and other uses, including fortified animal feed and supplements, make up approximately 25% of the market. …

Try it to increase/retain muscle mass, energy and cognitive abilities

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Whether you are male or female, have consistently concluded that creatine supplements can be helpful to your energy levels and athletic performance. have found “that short and long-term supplementation (up to 30 g/day for 5 years) is safe and well-tolerated in healthy individuals and in a number of patient populations ranging from infants to the elderly.”

Creatine is a critical element in the ATP-creatine phosphate system of the body which provides the energy for brief bursts of high intensity activity. For performance in these types of athletic activities, creatine’s benefits are well-established. …

How that happens and why it is a concern

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Depending upon the sources of phosphorus in your diet, it is possible that your food tracker app is failing to capture virtually all of the phosphorus you ingest. Even if it were to capture 100 percent of your phosphorus intake, the number you should use to determine whether your intake is excessive could be more than three times the number provided by the app.

As with much related to nutrition, this matter is a little bit complicated so, in the course of identifying how food tracker apps may be significantly understating the phosphorus in your diet, some background is provided.

Big calorie impacts through little changes

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If you have never watched what you eat and have absolutely no interest in using a food tracker app but still want to take some small steps towards losing weight and eating healthier, this article is for you. These changes are should cause minimal inconvenience and displeasure.

Small changes can have a big impact overtime. It takes a total of 3500 calories to make a pound of weight. So, every time you cut 3500 calories from your diet, whether over one week, one month or one year, that is one pound less on your frame.

Below are ten ideas, along…

Hint, you will need a calculator

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Recently, my doctor recommended I start taking calcium supplements. As medical advice is often general in nature, I had to wonder if this advice was well-founded in research and whether it would be applicable to my specific circumstances, which include a very precisely crafted diet. As is often the case, the general answer was “it depends.” For some people, calcium supplements are a great idea. For others, not so much. What I can say is that no general rule like “more is better” or “less is more” applies when it comes to calcium. …

C.N. Dale

Journalist and lawyer with a keen interest in institutional integrity, health and nutrition.

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