Freedom Requires a Course Correction

Government and Tech are Simultaneously Taking Society in the Wrong Direction

Freedom Tower, Photo credit: Andy Choinski

Recision of Personal Autonomy

Only in rare instances within a democratic society should there be a legal imperative for an ordinary citizen to actually risk one’s life or quality of life in order to protect others.


Efforts to Deny Access to Information

Precluding knowledgeable commentators from disseminating information via search engines, social media and e-mail effectively limits access to knowledge that would enable individuals to question authority and make informed decisions.

Where the science related to a matter continues to evolve, broad publication of the results of new studies along with thoughtful analysis of such studies by both regulators and commentators must occur so that readers can draw their own conclusions based on the totality of the available information.

Journalist and lawyer with a keen interest in institutional integrity, health and nutrition.

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